1. An Exclusive Right of Burial is granted on payment of the fee in place at the time. This right of burial is only transferable in exceptional circumstances, subject to management approval and an administration fee of £50.
  2. Refunds are made only in exceptional circumstances and, where approved, an administration fee of £50 will be retained.
  3.  All graves are for single burial only. Adjacent plots may be reserved, subject to availability.
  4.  Full payment at time of reservation entitles a plot at time of burial. 50% reservation fee entitles a 50% reduction on cost applicable at time of burial. No maintenance charges will be applied.
  5.  The grave may be marked by a flat stone of your choice, set into the ground, no larger than 15ins by 15ins. The stone should be of sufficient strength to withstand a one tonne wheel load, to allow for mowing of the meadow. No responsibility will be accepted for damage to stones.
  6.  Natural flowers are allowed on the grave at the time of burial only and will be removed after a suitable period of time. ( Maximum 14 days ). Wild flowers may be planted on the grave soon after burial, but no pots, artificial flowers or ornaments are allowed.
  7.  Individual graves must not be cut at any time. The whole area will be mown at suitable times to encourage the wild flowers.
  8.  Visitors are welcome during daylight hours, but we ask that they keep to the pathways and not walk across the wild flowers and graves.
  9.  Dogs are welcome, but must be under strict control at all times.
  10.  Vehicles are limited to the car park area.
  11. Embalmed bodies are only accepted for burial in exceptional circumstances.
  12.  A register of burials is available for inspection by appointment.
  13.  In the event of the owners deaths, or incapacity, management will be undertaken by The Shropshire Wildlife Trust – contact The Development Manager 01743 284287
  14.  The right to vary the rules and regulations at any time is reserved.

 December 2014