Single Burial Plot – £600.00*

*Due to the increasing popularity of eco friendly green burials all our burial plots have now been reserved.*

Single Burial of Ashes Plot –   £300.00

Reservation of plots – Full payment now entitles a plot at time of burial. 50% reservation fee now entitles a 50% reduction on cost applicable at time of burial.

An Exclusive Right of Burial is granted on payment of the fee in place at the time. This right of burial is only transferrable in exceptional circumstances. These charges relate only to the provision of grave space. They do not include fees for services, funeral directors or grave digging.

 You may have a permanent memorial stone laid flat in the ground in a style of your choice up to a maximum size of 15 inches square.              Charge for placing the stone – £80.00

Scattering of Ashes – £80.00     

A memorial stone is not available for scattering of ashes                                                                                                  

Prices relate to 2017 and will be reviewed annually